"hanblo {at} netscape.net" wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm, running OpenVMS 7.3-2 on a ES47 with 4 CPUs and 16Gb of memory.
> I have a problem (+) with processes, both application user processes
> and
> TCPIP$FTPC##### processes.
> All of a sudden they go into MUTEX wait. Not too long, but long enough
> for me
> so see it and to get curious. The PCB EFWM mask says LNM$AQ_MUTEX.
> Is this something worth digging into? What are they waiting for and
> why?
> Any comments would be great.

MUTEX is normally a transitory state and is entirely normal.

We saw similar issues when attempting to run the Legato Networker client V6.0.1D
on OpenVMS V7.3-2. It was traced to locking activity as I recall, but that's not
guaranteed to be accurate.

If you have a support contract for VMS and the application code, those would be
good avenues to pursue.

David J Dachtera
dba DJE Systems

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