Steve Davidson wrote:
> John,
> I still have some of my notes about this. The jist was that a RSTS/E system
> running a BASIC (don't remember if it was BASIC-PLUS or BASIC-PLUS-2)
> program would send characters over a serial line to a VAX. The RSTS/E
> system acted as the human. In its time, well before DTM I might add, it was
> quite functional! EDT only had to worry about character cell terminals and
> not X11 which made this much easier. TPU/EVE was not so lucky and as such
> had to use DTM.
> -Steve

Golly, I don't remember any of that. I think your test system must have
been after my time. How did you create scripts for it, and how did you
verify that the output was the same as it was the previous time?
John Sauter (J_Sauter@Empire.Net)