On Jul 17, 11:13 am, "C.W.Holeman II"
> Bob Koehler wrote:
> > emacs has had EDT keybindings for a long, long time. But not all
> > keyboards have those keys.

> The keyboard keypad that I am using has a double height "+" key. Are
> there keyboards that work on a PC that have the EDT keypad?

Aside from getting an LK keyboard, you might be able to map the keys.
I use Reflection (which maps the keys properly except for the [+]
issue) and have changed the PC [+] to map to the LK [,] and PC Shift/
[+] to map to the LK [-]. That;s because I seem do a lot more delete
characters than delete words. As a data entry user, I'd probably want
the large [+] mapped to [-].

The design of the PC's 10-key was apparently done by people who didn't
do data entry and use 10-key pads. Having a large and handy [+] when
normally [ENTER] means "plus", and then locating the small [-] key
inconveniently above it when [-] is used so often (not even to mention
the PF4 issue) was not properly thought out. I suppose if you think
"calculator" then it might make some sense, but for data entry it does