In article , "Richard Maher" writes:
>Hi Sue,
>Sue wrote: -
>> This is to anyone that would care to respond. And you can respond
>> either here or to my hotmail account or HP account. What would be
>> your reason for not attending the Boot Camp or if you can not attend
>> the HPTF. No one is asking me to do a survey it just matters to me
>> what the issue is.

>So, whenever any of the bait-ball makes a break for the coffee-urn, they're
>immediately set upon by the consultants in a seagull-like frenzy. Whereas
>the supplier-representatives are content to wait for the evening when they
>get to roger them senseless on the partner round-table. More patient still,
>the HP employees wait until the end for their pay-day, when they can distill
>everything the customers said (or didn't say) into a conference feedback
>report that will undoubtedly provide affirmation and vindication and most
>importantly subsequent funding of their pet projects from HP for the next
>twelve months. Everyone's a winner; chickens for dinner. Except the
>customers perhaps who maybe walking away thinking "What was it we learnt
>again? And why is my bottom so sore?". But the catch-22 is you know
>*they'll* never complain 'cos their little OS jolly and shopping trip to the
>States may be cut back next year.

I am actually a customer, and I'm not getting an international trip to the
states. (Now, I'm a customer who runs HP-ported Apache and Tomcat on VMS
for actual business use, so maybe you don't want to listen to me.)

My experience in the two years I went to the Boot Camp was nothing like
what you describe, and I'd be happy to go back if the scheduling changed so
that it wasn't lined up against Memorial Day weekend, when I have conflicts
galore. Yes, what I'm saying is that if we went back to having to go to
New England in March when it's sometimes really cold, I'd be happy to go

I'm going to the Tech Forum because it works a lot better for my schedule,
but I'd prefer the Boot Camp.

So you're basically pretty wrong about this particular thing, and you're
reducing your credibility (and the degree to which I listen sympathetically
to you) by dumping this load of old cobblers on top of Sue.

-- Alan