Richard Maher wrote:
> You seem curiously surprised at how successful your colleagues have been at
> reducing VMS to the status of a complete irrelevance in the IT industry. But
> I'm afraid that in order to fully understand the attendance figures you must
> first turn your question on its head and ask instead why someone would
> bother turning up at all,

Mr Maher,

Sue is a great person. Sue is a paid employee of HP and as such, she has
to toe the line. You should understand that.

And considering that she seems to be responsible for 99.9999% of the
positive PR VMS gets, despite HP's efforts to disallow PR on VMS, you
should appreciate every bit Sue does.

I am sure a lot of us would like to get Sue alone in a bar and get her
to start to spill the beans after having relaxed over a few beers/wine
bottles/whatever she fancies. Unfortunatly, I spspect she probably gets
all males to sign NDAs before she enters a bar with them :-)

Consider the case where Sue were to move to brighter pastures. There
would be nobody left within HP to bother informing the users and to
provide some information to control all the rumours that surface due to
lack of public commitment by HP.

Sue's commitment to VMS is unquestionable. (she deserves a special award
from When she leaves, the message will be pretty clear.

But until that happens, it is refreshing to see someone maintain her
level of commitment not to her job, but to the VMS community. She
clearly cares.

HP may not give Sue much to be happy about, but Sue has a user community
that love her. So it is important for the community to continue to show
its love of Sue. Having people start to criticise Sue is just not
something that is done.

I am the first one to criticise HP and try to read between the lines to
try to see what HP's true goals are. I don't trust nor respect HP. But I
respect Sue greatly.