I have the Apache web server and Oracle databases already running on my
The Apache is the HP distribution (2.11) not the Oracle one under ORA_ROOT

I would like to start using APEX from Oracle, and that requires mod_plsql to
be configured


1) In my old Oracle 9i root I do have an APACHE directory with things
In 10g, I have the directory but it only contains 2 empty readme
I though I might copy mod_plsql from there but apparent there's nothing
there, really. And 9i is probably out of date now.

Directory ORA$DISQUE:[ORACLE10GR2.apache]

readme_modplsql.txt;1 0KB/0KB 31-MAR-2007
17:35:20.94 24-APR-2007 10:43:40.72
readme_modplsql_demo.txt;1 0KB/0KB 31-MAR-2007 17:35:20.96
24-APR-2007 10:43:40.72

Total of 2 files, 0KB/0KB

2) How do I get mod_plsql in my "running" apache ?

3) Is anyone using APEX in this environment ?


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