OK, so I finally had good reason to sit down with the debugger
manual and the heap analyzer and have at.

Works fine on my Alpha running VMS 7.3, but it was doing ACCVIOs
on my other Alpha under 8.3. So I found a debugger patch for the
ACCVIO and applied it.

Now under 8.3, using a the same fully privileged account running
the same image (the two systems are clustered), I get NOPRIV errors
when I try to start the image.

The image is a copy of the ANU NEWS image, who's source I got from
EISNER, with just a few debug (printf) statements in it. A
collection of C and Macro routines doing a bunch of socket and
SMG$ calls. I'm using the UCX emulation with Multinet, just like
I'm using to write this via EISNER.