I've been sitting on this for some time and thought I'd finally get around
to sharing it with the VMS community.

SSH PEER adds remote peer information to the access port name field of the
FTAn: device created when using HP TCPIP Services for OpenVMS SSH (this is
not available out of the box). Both Multinet's and TCPware's SSH have had
this feature from the get-go. Extending the OpenVMS pseudo-terminal func-
tionality is the same as in the Process Software offerings because Process
has licensed the extension from me; therefore, it's had a great deal of in-
the-field testing.

SSH PEER formats the reported peer information in the same fashion as both
of Process Software's offerings. This was intentional. Any DCL procedure
written to access the terminal's ACCPORNAM field will be able to parse all
three (TCPIP Services, Multinet and TCPware) with the same procedure.

If you wish to try SSH PEER, please visit: http://www.tmesis.com/SSH_PEER/

Direct any comments and or question to the usual address.

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