JF Mezei wrote on 05/09/2008 04:13:55 PM:

> etmsreec@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
> > DECUS worked with more than just VMS in the UK and that was probably
> > the case in other areas too - Digital had Windows, Digital had Unix.
> > It wasn't just VMS.

> Lets not kid ourselves, DECUS was VMS.

Phooey! I was at many a DECUS and the THE Sig was active, the PC Sig was
active, there was a Sig for the Lab OS, for Unix, for PDP's, for DTR, for
L&T, for RSTS, for 3rd party s/w, and the VAX Sig came along later and got

a large share of attendees because of the value in the product-set, but
the other Sigs (I did not mention them all because of short memory) were
there and not dead.

> Yes, it had DEC-Unix/Ultrix, but
> most Unix people went to Unix gatherings because this is where there was
> the critical mass to make such gatherings worthwhile. Similarly, VMS
> people went to DECUS gatherings because this si where there was the
> critical mass to make those meetings worthwhile.
> > The world has changed since the days of huge DECUS meetings with
> > thousands of people at them. The idea of having a group for VMS and a
> > group for Windows and a group for Linux and one for HP-UX and one for
> > Non-Stop is a) not going to achieve the target of integration/merging
> > and b) going to make each one sufficiently small that it may not
> > survive out on its own anyway.

> Having a user group that does everything will make that user group
> irrelevant because it won't be good enough in any one area to make it
> worthwhile. This is why DECUS didn't do well with Unix or with PCs.
> > in the pages on the HP website. That said, Non-Stop and VMS are niche
> > products. You can't blame Digital or Compaq for that,

> Oh, that is a good one. Of course Digital and Compaq and HP are to blame
> for that. They are the ones who decided to not make VMS compete and
> price it our of the market. Palmer is the one who started the "VMS has
> no future, lets cannabalise it" trend.
> Now, if what is left of the worldwide VMS customer base is so small that
> it can't warrant its own user group, then so be it and let a little
> subdivision tag along with Interex (or whatever its name is this week).
> But i would rather have a single worldwide DECUS usergroup, rather than
> a total cacophony of structures around the world that make each entity
> too small to survive, especially if one entity (the USA) makes decisions
> without consulting the rest of the world.