From: IanMiller

> They are not on my systems either but see SMS updated versions at

I don't know where mine actually came from (DECnet-Plus?), and I see
now that newer ones have replaced older ones while I wasn't looking. I
believe that I've found the original files which I modified, and they
should now be available as DTSS$NTP_PROVIDER.C_ORIG and

I gather that there is no official custodian for this stuff. The
latest DTSS$PROVIDER_NTP.C I have (28-MAR-2005 08:43:58.55) includes a

* 28-Mar-2005 Nischay Code changes made for the case QXCM1000202046
* to rectify NTP time ptovider not synchronizing
* with any NTP servers, if atleast one of them
* failed.

but no change in the "Version V2.0-103" at the top. My modified
DTSS$PROVIDER_NTP.C is based on an older (original?) "Version V2.0-103"
DTSS$PROVIDER_NTP.C, not this newer, modified DTSS$PROVIDER_NTP.C.

When I get a chance, I'll look at that latest DTSS$PROVIDER_NTP.C,
and see if needs any help. In the meanwhile, I've put a copy of it next
to the other stuff as DTSS$PROVIDER_NTP_2005.C_ORIG.

That's all in:


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