are there any new about the RMS fatal error ?

I continue to have:

%RMS-F-BUG, fatal RMS condition (FFFFFFF8), process deleted

when more conversion channels that call Sophos executable are running.

I have experienced the following situation:

OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 works fine
OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 with the most recent patches produces the error
OpenVMS Alpha 8.2 works fine
OpenVMS Alpha 8.2 with some patches produces the error
OpenVMS Alpha 8.3 produces the error
OpenVMS Itanium 8.3-1 produces the error
OpenVMS Itanium 8.3-1H produces the error

I have tried the most recent patches for RMS, but such patches
apparently are the cause of the error !

Infact such patches introduce error in 7.3-2 e 8.2 ! (see above)
8.3... is already patched... apparently.... :-(
(Thank you, HP !)

This problem is present at least since January when I
posted a message to info-pmdf and I got some suggestion to better
investigate the problem.

I can reproduce the error when I want, on both Alpha or Itanium.


> At 8:33 AM -0500 4/10/08, Helmke,Richard A wrote:
> > Thanks - I'll keep my eyes open for the next round of ECOs. (We are
> > "current".)

> There is, of course, no guarantee that this defect within RMS
> is currently being demonstrated by any usage other than PMAS.

> Thus a relevant ECO is not guaranteed unless someone reports
> the problem to HP.

> The best report would be from someone able to set the system
> parameter BUGCHECKFATAL to 1 and then send HP the dump that
> results when the system crashes.

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> >> I am running PMAS V3.0-2 on a VMS 8.3a three Alphaserver cluster. This
> >> is the second report this week about an ES40 reporting an RMS error on
> >> PIPE (which I think is only used by PMAS in my configuration). The

> > time
> >> noted is one of the quarantine notice delivery times. Anyone seeing
> >> these?

> >
> > I have no specifics to refer you to (and nothing recent), but I have
> > seen these in the past, and they've always been caused by RMS bugs
> > that were later corrected by HP ECOs.
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