As the CHARON emulator products have been mentioned in this group from
time to time I dare to announce an informational event about CHARON-VAX

On May 7 an info-day (actually, an info-afternoon) will be held in
Vienna, Austria by Software Resources International and its two partners
NST-IT-Design and IT Consulting. Some CHARON users will share
their experiences with the products, and a product update will be given.

The detailed program as well as registration instructions can be found on
(sorry, these pages are available in German only)

As there are freely available (though somewhat restricted) versions of
CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP, hobbyists are welcome to this event as well.

I confess that I'm somewhat connected :-) to the hosts of this afternoon,
but I do hope that some participants of this newsgroup will benefit from
this announcement.

See you on May 7 in Vienna :-)


Hans Bachner
OpenVMS Consulting, Integration and SW Development
CHARON-VAX, CHARON-AXP Sales - Migration - Support IT Consulting GmbH Linz / Austria