Dear Newsgroup,

I did not forget, her is this weeks Boot Camp update. We usually have
a newsgroup photo in front of the OpenVMS quilt some time during the
week. Lets make it early this year (Sunday or Monday) so everyone
knows everyone at the start of the week.

We have one month to go before the OpenVMS Advanced Technical Boot
Camp. And I am truly excited to give you this weeks update. - Overall website

Agenda: this
page will allow you connect to all session abstracts, bio, hotel floor
plan and registration information. Please note the agenda is 12 pages
long AM,PM its much easier if you print it.

Current Registration is at 162 (155+7) we have 38 seats remaining. If
you are planning on attending you should register now.

Pre-seminars week of May 12th for attendees only. If you have
registered you are confirmed.

1. CIFs/SAMBA session is now FULL. Thank you very much for your
interest in this two day seminar. Your engineers will also be
speakers during the boot camp.

2. Disaster Proof - How to Design, Test and Build a Disaster Tolerant
OpenVMS Cluster. This two day seminar is held twice Monday and
Tuesday and Thursday Friday (same seminar both times). Monday and
Tuesday session has seven seats remaining. Thursday and Friday is

3. TCP/IP Exposed in response to attendees we have added one day to
this session because there is so much information Wed-Fri. Your
engineers will also be giving sessions at the boot camp but obviously
not three days worth we have four seats left.

4. Storage - This is a four day seminar that will present the Theory
of Storage Performance Management, Setup and Management of OpenVMS SAN
based storage, Tools for Performance Data Collection, Analysis and
Reporting, and then detailed presentations on the design, data
collection, analysis and best practices for OpenVMS hosts, SANs, MSA
storage, EVA storage arrays and XP disk arrays. Plenty of seats

5. RTR - This training introduces you to the key concepts of RTR, i.e.
the different objects making up RTR, but also how to install, manage,
and to do simple troubleshooting. Lab-exercises is also provided to
further reinforce the training. In the end the student should be able
to install and manage an RTR-environment. No prior knowledge is
needed, but familiarity of middleware and/or messaging/transaction
concepts is useful. Plenty of seats remaining

So where are the attendees for the Boot Camp from? From 20 different
countries. Approximately 50% of the audience have never been to a boot
camp before, 84 attendees are coming from outside the US.

In no special order

England - 8
Russia - 11
Sweden - 24
Austria - 3
Argentina 1
Scotland - 1
Canada - 5
Switzerland - 6
Netherlands - 6
Singapore - 1
Lithuania - 1
Germany - 8
Australia - 1
Belgium - 1
Ireland - 2
Barbados - 1
Norway - 1
France - 2
Australia - 1
US - 71