From: Jeff Campbell

> JF Mezei wrote:
> > [...]
> > If you are to do an NLIST (the official command to get the filenames),
> > you will also see "A^.B^.C.D;2"

> NLIST does not work from the command prompt:

First, it's NLST, not NLIST. Second, it's an FTP server command, not
an FTP client command. Sadly, it's more complicated than some, so you
can't use "quote NLST" to see it work. Turning on "debug", however,
will show you the commands being used, and then DIRECTORY /BRIEF (on a
TCPIP client) or "ls" (almost anywhere) might show you NLST in action.

> ftp> ?

For a good time, try "quote help".


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