From: AEF

> Yet they supplanted many VMS systems with their AS/400's! Well, VAX/
> VMS, at least. I personally witnessed one in action, and one of the AS/
> 400 programmers said the AS/400 was known as the VAX killer. :-(

I believe that the IBM 9370 was the original "VAX killer". My
then-employer tried one out (a while ago, when we had some software
development on big IBM systems, but no IBM hardware in-house). We got a
couple of big racks full of stuff, which took a couple of well-dressed
IBM CEs all day to set up. Our lone IBM-literate guy found it a
reasonable machine if you wanted a small IBM mainframe, but it was still
pretty pricey, so we ended up sending it back after the (free) trial
period. I doubt that it killed many VAXes. The RS/6000 with AIX
probably killed more of them than the 9370 ever did.


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