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> Hello Robert,
> You will of course notice that it was to your message that I had made
> reference in my previous post. Thank you for documenting your
> experience!
> I didn't know that one could force the install CD to accept the
> present firmware with that syntax. (My VMS experience is limited to
> the old dial up account that I had back in the mid 90s so I've never
> dealt with the SRM.) I will definitely try that before attacking the
> bootp fiasco, which is only a fiasco because my present *nix setup
> would require taking a server off line to put it in place.


I have the old DEC 3000 firmware CD's and maint guides in PDF format.

Contact me offline and we can discuss how to get you a copy of what
you need.

Btw - one of my home Alpha lab servers is a DEC 3000 running VMS V8.3
with no issues.



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