John Santos wrote:
> I think Bob's intended comparison was not to other FTP servers on other
> platforms, but to other FTP servers on VMS, i.e. Multinet, TCPware, and
> HGFTP. Do any or all of those work correctly? (This is a rhetorical
> question, you probably only have HP's server. But if HGFTP works, you
> can install it on any of the VMS TCP/IP stacks. I will try it later when
> I have a few minutes, if no one else pops in with the answers.)

This does not work with TCPware V5.7-2 on VMS Alpha V8.3. Directories
and files that are mixed-case do not display; only files/directories
with upper-case names display "properly" using Mozilla as an ftp client.
"Simple" ftp clients display all directories/files properly.