From: John Santos

> >> Have you tried this against any other FTP server, or just HP's?

> >
> > I've tried only HP's. [...]

> I think Bob's intended comparison was not to other FTP servers on other
> platforms, but to other FTP servers on VMS, i.e. Multinet, TCPware, and

That was how I read it.

> Do any or all of those work correctly? (This is a rhetorical
> question, you probably only have HP's server.

I run only the TCPIP server. I haven't looked at HGFTP lately, so I
don't know if it even claims to support ODS5.

> > But if HGFTP works, you
> > can install it on any of the VMS TCP/IP stacks. I will try it later when
> > I have a few minutes, if no one else pops in with the answers.)

Answers are often useful. Note, however, that there are two
different problems under discussion here. The primary one is that
Mozilla can't deal with some common cases of VMS-format file listings
from any FTP server. The other is that the TCPIP FTP server can't
accept as input the ODS5 extended file names which it provides as output
in its listings. HGFTP might be able to help on the second one, but
probably not on the first (unless it uses a one-line listing format


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