JF Mezei writes:

>Marty Kuhrt wrote:

>> While HP engineers understood how to update the DQDRIVER to handle the
>> 48 bit addressing necessary to get past 128G, they could not get the OK
>> to validate it.

>Would it really make a difference if they upgraded the DQDRIVER to
>support 48 bits if the hardware didn't support it ?

From what I've been told via email, the DS10(L) hardware does support the
48 bit I/O if you replace the drive cable. Also the signal line lengths
on the board are apparently unknown so longer cables may not work.

>Or is this an issue similar to the Vaxstation 3100 where only the first
>disk is stuck with the limit, and subsequent drives have greater
>independance from the hardware and can support bigger disks ?

That was a boot firmware issue, and it only applied to the system disk,
not the "first" disk (whatever that is). Any size disk could be made to
work as a system disk if certain files were manually placed within the
first 1 Gig, but there was no supported way to do that. Also the next VMS
upgrade or patch could make your system unbootable, unless you remembered
to place the certain files in the first 1 Gig every time.