NFS conked out on my while saving a file from my mac to the alpha.

Not only did it freeze the app on the mac, but now, when I try to
restart NFS, it seems to succesfully restart then abort without message
and restart again and abort, and then TCPIP services complains it has
restarted within 1 or 2 seconds and disables the service.

The log files don't seem to have anything of use.

Anyone have any hints on how to investigate this ?

at the bottom of TCPIP SHOW DEV, I have:
Port Remote
Kernel_socket Type Local Remote Service Host

16.1 STREAM 2049 0 *
16.2 DGRAM 2049 0 NFS *

Is there a way to remove this if the service is disabled and both the
MOUNTD and NFSD processes have been decapitated and cut up into tiny
pieces and burned to a crips by the STOP/ID command ?

I assume there are some sort of leftover structures left in the system
that cause NFS to flip over and get a commotion from falling back on the
concrete head first ?