On my non-worksation machines, I have code that starts up decw$statrup
in non workstation mode, and then create a display pointing to my
macintosh and makes that a system$wide logical name.

But on a workstation, decw$startup runs as part of sysman, so as
systartup_vms.com runs, a SET DISP/CREATE would fail because
decw$startup hasn't run yet.

There doesn't appear to be a DECW$SYSTARTUP.COM mechanism that allows
one to add site specific commands. ( and am not sure if one can add
commands to the *private* commands since , at least in the case of the
server one, it seems to still be fairly in the decw$startup procees.

Is there some .COM that will be invoked by DECW$STARTUP once enough of
decwidnows is started to make SET DISPLAY/CREATE work ?

Or is the only recommended way to write a small procedure and add it to
the syaman startup database ?