From: sms@antinode-org (Steven M. Schweda)

> A source kit for UnZip 6.0d (pre-release, "BETA") should be available
> at the usual places:
> [...]
> Complaints are always welcome.

There's a nasty bug in that kit, which was fixed last year, but
apparently the fix got lost, and I didn't notice it soon enough. When
unpacking a "-V" archive on a VMS system, UnZip may produce corrupt
directories. ANALYZE /DISK_STRUCTURE will emit complaints like
BAD_DIRSIZE, BAD_DIRTYPE, and so on, and something like ANALYZE
/DISK_STRUCTURE /REPAIR will be needed to straighten things out again.

This problem is likely to occur when more files existed in a
directory than were included in the archive when Zip ("-V") created the
archive. Then, when UnZip expands the archive, it may erroneously
restore some directory attributes other than date-time (for example,
size!), and the result is a corrupt directory.

A new (probably better/safer) [.vms]vms.c file should be available

I'm sorry for the trouble. With any luck (and a bit more carefullness),
it'll be right in 6.00e and up.


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