From: "Richard B. Gilbert"

> > Always glad to complain. Now I'll just settle back (hold my breath?)
> > and wait for something to appear in the release notes.

> No, don't hold your breath. Just don't put too many files in a
> directory. ISTR that something like 100 blocks is as big as a directory
> can get and still work reasonably well. The only time I EVER saw a
> directory bigger than that was when some damned fool went on vacation
> and left something running that created 70,000 files in a directory; an
> incident I've mentioned earlier in this thread.

> If you REALLY NEED to do something like that, use a tool suited to the
> job. VMS is NOT such a tool!!!!

VMS V8.3 isn't. Why shouldn't a later version be able to do better?
This reminds me of all that "Zip -V archives are _supposed_ to be
useless on non-VMS systems" advice I got in 2004. Sometimes it's
practical to improve (fix?) the tool (making the world a better place
for all).

> If I were again faced with 70,000 files in a director, I think I would
> initialize the disk and restore from backup!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it's that bad!!

As I said, DFU DELETE cleaned out about 50k files in a few minutes.

But hey. You're welcome to complain about the things which bother


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