Rich Jordan wrote on 02/26/2008 05:41:29 PM:

> On Feb 26, 4:41 pm, "Richard Maher"
> wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > IIRC there was talk a while back of HP working on Infiniband as a

> > interconnect; whatever happened to that? It's just that someone in the
> > c.l.cobol conference posted a couple of IBM links and it jogged my

> > Maybe some kick-arse Orrible Oracle Cache-Fusion stats for VMS

> > would go someway to highlighting Rdb's unhealthy and misguided

> > with single-node configurations?
> >
> > IBM System z10 Enterprise Class -- The forward-thinking mainframe

for the
> > twenty-first century
> >
> >
> >
> > OPERATING SYSTEM (preview)
> > Preview: z/OS V1.10 -- Raising the bar and redefining scalability,
> > performance, availability, and economics
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> > Cheers Richard Maher

> I think I remember a seminar some years ago down in the chi-pit here
> in ill annoy where Terry Shannon was present and infiniband and ZLE
> were discussed as up and coming. Never heard about it again though.

From the current Roadmap:

"Support of Clusters over TCP/IP ? Planned for OpenVMS V8.4 is support of
the passing of SCS (host-to-host cluster communication) over the TCP/IP
protocol through existing LAN adapters (rather than a specific SCS
protocol as is true today). This allows DT customers expanded flexibility
in terms of long-distance cluster communications options.

"New Cluster Interconnect ? New IC Technologies ? OpenVMS will be working
on support for the latest low-latency interconnect technologies, targeted
at the Integrity Servers only. Current thinking is that RDMA/iWARP
technologies are candidates, although the goal is to align the VMS support
to the solution that will be embraced by the other HP O/S environments so
a ?standard? interconnect model is used."