From: "Ken Robinson"

> I got it using a plain "$ copy/ftp/bin/log" from VMS. SmartFTP likes
> VMS, I use it all the time. It looks like the problem is that the
> directory that the file resides in "beta" can not be read. I tried
> going to that directory directly and SmartFTP showed no files in it.

Lacking any useful details, I can only guess, but that FTP server
has a somewhat quirky property:

FTP> quote syst
215 UNIX MultiNet Unix Emulation V5.2(92)
FTP> cd []
250 Connected to DSA0:[INFOZIP].
FTP> quote syst
215 VMS MultiNet V5.2(92)

This ability to flip and flop between UNIX and VMS directory listing
styles can confuse an FTP client which expects more stability. (I added
code to wget specifically to deal with this behavior.) This one seems
to be configured to start up in UNIX mode, so, unless you said something
VMS-like, I'd expect it to stay that way, and everyone to be happy. But
what do I know? Everything's complicated.


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