From: RLFitch

> > Or /INCLUDE=(dir[,...]). See HELP FORTRAN /INCLUDE:
> > [...]

> > (It's amazing how out-of-date my Fortran knowledge is.)

> Thanks very much. This worked quite well.

Glad to hear it.

> Your "out-of-date" Fortran
> knowledge seems to be much better than my "current" (lol) knowledge.

All I know is what I read in the HELP. I've never fired a USE
statement in anger. (Based on C, I expected a /INCLUDE or something
very like it, however.)

> It still seems that this could be specified in the code. Armed with
> this, I will do some research in the manuals.

Wouldn't amaze me either way, but I'd bet that it'd be in a manual
somewhere. (With its UNIX origins, C compilers/preprocessors everywhere
tend to expect UNIX-like file specs in "#include" directives. Fortran,
with its different heritage, might not be so easy to standardize that
sort of thing.)


> To SMS: the current Fortran compiler on Alpha/VMS is a
> Fortran 95 compiler [...]

I know what it is, I just haven't worked with any Fortran since it
was still FORTRAN. I think that I did do a STRUCTURE or two when that
was a VAX FORTRAN extension, however.


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