From: (Christoph Gartmann)

> is it possible to mount a FAT formatted 1 GB USB-stick under OpenVMS 8.3?
> The device is recognized as DNA1: but I can't figure out how to mount it :-(

I'm unaware of any way (other than NFS) to _mount_ any non-ODS file
system in VMS. However, if you'd be satisfied with a less convenient
access method for a USB flash gizmo with a FAT file system, I've used
mtools with some success:

Wake me if you have any problems with it. (What could go wrong?)

VMS V8.3 is much nicer for this sort of USB thing than earlier
versions, by the way.

Now, when I tried my (Christmas Gift*) Nikon COOLPIX L11 camera (in
USB "Mass storage" mode), I discovered that it looks like a big floppy
drive (INTERFACE_SUB_CLASS = 5) instead of a SCSI disk
(INTERFACE_SUB_CLASS = 6), so DNDRIVER didn't get attached. And then,
when I got an SD card for it, and a USB card reader for that, I found
that I could see a DN device for that combination, but that mtools seems
to have problems with the offset, partitioned file system found there,
so I still can't suck its JPEG files into my Alpha. (Still working on
it, though, but no bets.)

[*] "Gift" here might be English or Deutsch.


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