From: "Richard B. Gilbert"

> > From: JF Mezei
> >
> >>>

> >
> >>[...] I would have NEVER guessed that this generic web-form
> >>was the correct way to submit bug reports.

> [...]
> >> I didn't know what to put
> >>into the required "URL" field, so I put

> >
> > That's one way to try to convey the seriousness of your report to the
> > recipients.

> If the people who designed the form were serious, they might have
> provided a clue as to what the "URL" field was intended for. Based on
> what I've seen in this thread I can't think of anything more reasonable
> than "" to put there!

Does this thread does encompass all possible uses of the form in
question? I doubt it. I assumed that the product feedback form was
simply (perhaps too simply) adapted from the Web site feedback form, and
didn't get too excited about a potentially useless required field. On
the other hand, when I submitted a complaint about some lameness in HP's
GnuPG builder, it was a convenient place to reference HP's "GnuPG for
OpenVMS" Web page, and my "GnuPG for VMS" Web page.

Perhaps I'm just too easy-going, but I'd worry less about the form
itself, and more about what happens after a complaint is submitted
there. But if it bothers you so much, there is that "OpenVMS Systems
web site feedback" form at "",
where, I'm sure, you could submit a complaint about it to someone who
might care more about it than I.


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