Main, Kerry wrote:

> Intel Tukwila in good shape
> By Charlie Demerjian: Thursday, 27 December 2007, 10:03 AM
> WORD IS TRICKLING out of Intel that its latest monster die chip,
> Tukwila the third (or is it second? (or is it fourth?)) is doing
> quite well.

Saw that one. But the same article could have been printed of EV7 as well.

When you look at how Alpha was killed, the big mistake was in when it
was announced. Had they announced it at a time when IA64 was at par with
Alpha, the announcement would have had greater credibility and caused
far less loss of sales.

It is quite certain that Intel will wait for the 8086 to be clearly at
par or surpass IA64 before pulling the plug on IA64. And with CSI, this
is coming fast.

Carly had predicted this would happen in 2007 because back in early
2004, CSI was to happen in 2007.