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> I have a new project where running PGP on VMS could make it much
> easier to do. I am having difficulties finding a good free PGP
> executable for Alpha VMS 7.3-1. What would any one suggest? I know
> there have been versions available for VMS in the past, but I am
> hoping there are some canned executables out there that some of you
> are using and can recommend.

I really don't use this stuff enough to recommend anything, and I've
gotten no memorable feedback on any of it, but, from what I've seen, I'd
tend to suggest my stuff. You get your choice of a pretty old PGP
(2.6.2) or a brand-new GnuPG (1.4.8).

VMS Alpha V7.3-1 is older than what I run here, so no bets on whether
the executables in my kits will be suitable for you.

Patent liability may be lower with GnuPG than with PGP, but I haven't
kept up with the state of those arguments. I've read that GnuPG can
interoperate with PGP, but I haven't tested that claim. My GnuPG page
includes a link to HP's GnuPG page, but if their build procedure is any
guide, they don't take quality very seriously.


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