Suppose we have the MSG = "A B C D E F G H " to be sent across
Application, Transport, Network, Data-link layers at the sending
device and pass through a router to get to the final destination
Suppose also that :
* Application layer adds 2 bytes to the data which are: sender name =
X, Receiver name = Y
* Transport layer adds 2 bytes which are: source port = N, Destination
port = M
* Network layer at the sender can not handle packets greater than 12
bytes (Data plus all headers from Network layer up to application
layer are included) so it will fragment long messages and will add 3
bytes header which are: source address = 1, destination address = 2,
Reassembly field = R
* The data-link layer will add 2 bytes header (Source MAC and
Destination MAC) where source MAC = I, Router MAC1 = J, Router
MAC2 =K, Destination MAC = L. It will add also 1 byte CRC trailer
which is T.
* The network layer at the destination can not handle packets greater
than 8 bytes so a further fragmentation could take place at the output
of the router.
In order to transmit the original message (MSG), Describe all the
packets and frames that will be generated from the application layer
at the sender down to data link layer, the processing of the packets
and frames at the router, and finally what the destination will
receive and process from data link layer up to application layer.