My apologies if this is a duplicate, but I don't think my first Email
went thru..

I am running: Process Software MultiNet V5.2 Rev A-X, AlphaServer ES45
Model 2B, OpenVMS AXP V8.3 (Patches thru 8/31/07)

This is a new install of an ES45, and VMS V8.3, and Multinet V5.2

When I try to TELNET or FTP to another Alpha by host name (which is in
my HOSTS.LOCAL file and has been compiled and installed), I get :

? Unknown host "REXA", getaddrinfo returned Non-recoverable failure
in name resolution

MU PING REXA and MU TRACEROUTE work fine. As well as TELNET and FTP by
I/P address.

What am I missing???

Any help would be appreciated,

Randy Johnson

SXC Health Solutions

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