In article , Malcolm Dunnett writes:
|> OK, I've got an rx2600 running VMS 8.3. I want to create a two node
|> cluster with the other node being a DS10L, also running VMS 8.3. I have
|> no disks on the DS10L. No problem say's I, I'll just take one of the
|> disks on the RX2600 and load an image backup of a VMS system disk on it
|> (I know I can't have IA64 and Alpha system images on the same disk).
|> So I load up a disk with the Alpha system image and head off into
|> cluster_config to add the satellite. No Dice, it will only let me add an
|> IA64 satellite. I tell myself there's no reason this shouldn't work, the
|> RX2600 is just an MSCP server, serving up blocks from the Alpha system
|> disk - why should the Alpha care what architeture the MSCP server is
|> running on?
|> Not to be so easily daunted I go into LANCP and add the node by hand,
|> pointing the load image to APB on the Alpha system disk and setting up
|> the pointer to proper system root on the Alpha disk. I define the boot
|> type as Alpha (since obviously it is).
|> Off to the DS10L console and >>> b ewa0 - the MOP boot requests go out
|> but nobody answers. Go back to the RX2600 and do a SHOW NODE in LANCP.
|> It tells me it sees the MOP requests but won't volunteer to service
|> them. Getting sneaky I change the boot type of the DS10L to I64 and try
|> again. Success!! After ironing out a few logicals I had messed up the
|> DS10L comes up just fine into the cluster, running off the Alpha system
|> disk being served by the RX2600.
|> So am I missing something? Is there any reason this shouldn't work?

If you have installed DECnet IV on your IA64 you can boot your alpha:

$ mc ncp

NCP>show node dg12 char

Node Volatile Characteristics as of 14-DEC-2007 15:30:32

Remote node = 47.71 (DG12)

Hardware address = 00-00-F8-76-4B-FD

Load file = APB.EXE


Load Assist Parameter = DSA12:

NCP>show circ eia-0 char

Circuit Volatile Characteristics as of 14-DEC-2007 15:31:30

Circuit = EIA-0

State = on

Service = enabled

Cost = 4

Maximum routers allowed = 33

Router priority = 64

Hello timer = 15

Type = Ethernet

The service of the circuit must be enabled.