Malcolm Dunnett wrote:
> OK, I've got an rx2600 running VMS 8.3. I want to create a two node
> cluster with the other node being a DS10L, also running VMS 8.3. I have
> no disks on the DS10L. No problem say's I, I'll just take one of the
> disks on the RX2600 and load an image backup of a VMS system disk on it
> (I know I can't have IA64 and Alpha system images on the same disk).
> So I load up a disk with the Alpha system image and head off into
> cluster_config to add the satellite. No Dice, it will only let me add an
> IA64 satellite. I tell myself there's no reason this shouldn't work, the
> RX2600 is just an MSCP server, serving up blocks from the Alpha system
> disk - why should the Alpha care what architeture the MSCP server is
> running on?
> Not to be so easily daunted I go into LANCP and add the node by hand,
> pointing the load image to APB on the Alpha system disk and setting up
> the pointer to proper system root on the Alpha disk. I define the boot
> type as Alpha (since obviously it is).
> Off to the DS10L console and >>> b ewa0 - the MOP boot requests go out
> but nobody answers. Go back to the RX2600 and do a SHOW NODE in LANCP.
> It tells me it sees the MOP requests but won't volunteer to service
> them. Getting sneaky I change the boot type of the DS10L to I64 and try
> again. Success!! After ironing out a few logicals I had messed up the
> DS10L comes up just fine into the cluster, running off the Alpha system
> disk being served by the RX2600.
> So am I missing something? Is there any reason this shouldn't work?

Obviously, it DOES work. That's not the same thing as being supported.
I don't know that it's not supported but, if you can't find an HP
document that says it IS supported, you have to assume that it's not.
If it's not supported, you are ON YOUR OWN! When it breaks in the next
release you're stuck!!!