Bind 9 replaced NDC with RNDC. RNDC allows you to control a nameserver remotely,
and it requires a secret key. The rndc.key needs to be set up in your named.conf
file - see the named_conf.default file for syntax that will eliminate the message.

O'Reilly's BIND has further details on RNDC and it's key requirements. Also, install
ECO NAMED-030_A052 for the latest BIND 9 images.

-Ralph Young
Process Software

-----Original Message-----

after the upgrade to Multinet V5.2 from V5.1 on a VAX (VMS 7.3) the nameserver
gives the following error message:
%named-E-config: error: none:0: open: rndc.key: file not found
I couldn't file this file and neither could I find a reference to it in the
DNS config files :-( So what does this message mean?

Christoph Gartmann

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