Graham, I definately do need it. How do we get it to me? Gratefully
yours, Norm (Graham Burley) wrote on
12/05/2007 06:23:12 PM:

> In article >>, writes:
> > Yes, I talked with HP support a few minutes ago and the consensus was

> > that it never shipped on a CD, despite what another support resource

> > told me. He is looking for a distribution that I can download, but
> > suggests that V1.3 will probably work.

> Sorry. As it happens I do have a copy of the Alpha SSL V1.2 kit, but
> no idea where from. The release notes say:
> hp SSL for OpenVMS
> V1.2 Release Notes
> December 2004
> Based on OpenSSL 0.9.7d
> And the .PCSI$DESCRIPTION says "DEC AXPVMS VMS version minimum V7.2"
> Drop me a line if you need it.