From: Mike Freeman

> How does one set up Digital TCPIP Services (UCX) to connect thru a proxy
> ftp server?

I could be wrong, but I doubt that the TCPIP FTP client knows what a
proxy server is. Programs like wget and cURL (and others?) may be
better able to handle a proxy server, but wget is fetch-only. (I don't
use cURL enough to know its limitations.)

Which FTP proxy server? Some, I gather, expect to use HTTP with the
client to do FTP with the server, but I'm on thin ice here.

> Also, how does one enable the VMS system to receive ftp
> connections thru a proxy ftp server?

I'd reckon that that's more of a problem for the FTP proxy server.
Judging from some of the junk in my FTP server log, some FTP proxy
servers lack the ability to deal with a VMS DIRECTORY-format file

As usual, TCPIP SHOW VERSION output may affect the results of an
inquiry like this.


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