wrote on 12/03/2007 04:02:53 PM:

> On Dec 3, 11:57 am, wrote:
> > I can put the library into maintenance mode and manually select

> > Do you know the password to access that menu from the front panel.

> I don't know it but I expect it's the default factory password.
> On an ESL9000 series, that was 4-5-6-7 IIRC. I'll try a
> couple of variations. So you're saying there's a cleaning
> function in the Maintenance menu? I'll go look. :-)

I read your other comments elsewhere. Good luck (no sarcasm intended).

I really do not think you should publish default factory passwords into
an archived newsgroup, though; make the miscreants RTFM. 8-) .

> Thanks, Ken
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