If it is running into the maximum length of a DCL line, then why is it
that varg[1], varg[2], etc., is clobbered but the last arguments (args
144, 156, and 170 in each of the examples is good? Remember that
varg[0] (the program name) is also good.

Secondly, in reading the DCL Dictionary on the section concerning ":=",
it says that the maximum offset to a DCL string cannot exceed 768.
These strings at their worst size do not exceed 720 in the production

In the examples I have shown, they are significantly shorter than that.


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sol gongola wrote in

> I am still on vms 7.2-1.
> vms 8.3 allows more than p1...p8?

DCL only allows 8 arguments, the OP is passing the arguments to a C
program. What the OP is probably running into is the maximum lenght of a

DCL line,