Wholesale Underwear Manufacturer
T.T.E. (HongKong) trading Co., Ltd. was established In 1995, We are
main businesses include the international trade of wholesale
and design branded underwears, such as [url=http://www.underwear-
wholesaler.com/calvin-klein-underwear.asp]Calvin klein underwear[/
url]s, D-G,Diesel underwears, Versace underwears, Tommy Hilfiger?
underwears and so on. The products include all kinds of bras, panties,
boxers, briefs, sleepwear and some other apparel.
After years development, we possess numerous customers in the world
and keep a good relationship with them. Simultaneously, we maintain a
good relationship with a great deal of huge wholesale underwear
manufacturers. Today, we have became a famous offering trader of
branded underwear, garment, shoes, jewelry and watches in Asia and can
provide patterns of processing and export for customers all over the
If you have some questions about our products
Please contact us E-Mail:sale2@ttetrading.com

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