Hi ,

I downloaded and installed DRIVERS_V572P081 this weekend and had the
problem described by Adam. Any ideas?

Regards Peter

Richard Whalen
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Please respond to RE: Latest TCPware DRIVERS patch
Info-TCPware@proc seems to break inbound DECnet

You did not specify what patch you installed.

DRIVERS_V572P070 contained a bad PWIPDRIVER change.
DRIVERS_V572P081 contains the original PWIPDRIVER that shipped with
TCPware 5.7-2 and should work fine.

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On Nov 13, 2:12 am, John Santos wrote:
> Heads-up to all...

Have just realised we have the same problem after patch upgrades at
the weekend. Will look into the fix you describe above, but was
wondering if Process have been in touch regarding this issue? I cant
see anything on their site and the patches installed were only
downloaded at the weekend.

Many thanks!


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