From: FrankS

> That's certainly possible. The "normal" zip utility puts a signature
> into the generated file which would clue one in to it being a zip-
> output. In this case, there is no such signature.

Of course, we have only your word for that, no actual evidence.

> a) Is there some other compression tool does not generate a signature?

Not any of the popular ones with which I'm familar.

> b) Can you decompress a file using ZIP/UNZIP which does not have
> embedded signatures?

I doubt it. I'd expect to see a "PK" in there somewhere near the
beginning. Otherwise UnZip would lose interest pretty fast.

> Maybe something along the lines of a callable interface to ZIP/UNZIP
> which compresses files intended for storage in something other than a
> standard ZIP archive file?

Bits are bits, whether in a file or not.


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