MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

Description: Provide a SHUTDOWN command for the CLUSTERALIAS service
Release date: 29-NOV-2007
Ranking: 3
Max ranking: 3
Versions: V5.2A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

MASTER_SERVER-030_A052 - ECO kit Rev 3.0 for MultiNet 5.2A 15-Nov-2007

Copyright 2007 Process Software, LLC

This kit updates MultiNet V5.2 Rev A with a new version of SERVER.EXE and
START_SERVER.COM for MultiNet for OpenVMS.

The ranking for this ECO is 3.

Included in this kit are fixes for the following :

- Provide a SHUTDOWN command for the CLUSTERALIAS service so that current
cluster aliases can be properly shutdown before restarting the MultiNet
master server.
(ECO MASTER_SERVER-030_A052 ECO Rank 3.)


This kit also includes the following changes from previous ECO kits:

- Handle mapped IPv4 addresses correctly when doing accounting so that VMS
intrusion handling continues to work as it did in prior versions of
MultiNet. Note that this does not address the issue for IPv6 addresses
that are not IPv4 mapped addresses; support for that will require a
MultiNet Kernel patch.
(DE 10517 ECO MASTER_SERVER-020_A052 ECO Rank 3.)

- Correct errors in checking accept-net and reject-net configuration when
the configuration information has IPv4 addresses and connections have
IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses.
(ECO MASTER_SERVER-020_A052 ECO Rank 3.)

- Make sure that the CLUSTERALIAS service releases the address before
restarting the master server so that kernel data structures are properly
cleaned up before the some other member of the cluster grabs the
(ECO MASTER_SERVER-020_A052 ECO Rank 3.)

- Correct an error in checking IPv4 addresses in access restriction lists
when the incoming address is a IPv4 Mapped address.
(DE 10510 ECO MASTER_SERVER-010_A052 ECO Rank 3.)

Restart the master server after installing this kit.
You do not need to reboot after installing this kit.

$ @multinet:start_server

[End of ECO announcement]