MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

Description: Provide a SHUTDOWN command for the CLUSTERALIAS service
Release date: 29-NOV-2007
Ranking: 3
Max ranking: 2
Versions: V5.1A,V5.0A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

MASTER_SERVER-040_A051 - ECO kit Rev 4.0 for MultiNet 5.1A 15-Nov-2007

Copyright 2005,2006,2007 Process Software, LLC

This kit updates MultiNet V5.1 Rev A and MultiNet V5.0 A
with a new version of SERVER.EXE for MultiNet for OpenVMS.

The ranking for this ECO is 3. The overall ranking for it is 2.

Included in this kit are fixes for the following :

- Provide a SHUTDOWN command for the CLUSTERALIAS service so that current
cluster aliases can be properly shutdown before restarting the MultiNet
master server.
(ECO MASTER_SERVER-040_A051 ECO Rank 3.)


This kit also includes the following changes from previous ECO kits:

- For Alpha and Integrity systems include a context parameter in calls to
$getuai. This can improve performance by reducing the number of I/O
operations the VMS service needs to do to get the requested information.
There are no changes for VAX systems.
(DE 10471 ECO MASTER_SERVER-030_A051 ECO Rank 3.)

- Correct an error which can cause a channel leak and eventually
hang the master server.
(DE 10437 ECO MASTER_SERVER-020_A051 ECO Rank 2.)

- If the logical MULTINET_UCX_BYPASS_LOGIN_VERIFICATION is defined then
the master server will set the PRC$V_LOGIN flag when it creates the
process on VAX systems. This flag was used prior to VMS 5.4-3 and there
may be some external authentication routines that still use it.

There are no changes for Alpha or Itanium systems as this flag was
never used on those systems.
(DE 10227 ECO MASTER_SERVER-010_A051 ECO Rank 3.)

Restart the master server after installing this kit.
You do not need to reboot after installing this kit.

$ @multinet:start_server

[End of ECO announcement]