I cannot change MSGSTORE passwords anymore on my system:

# pmdf version
PMDF version is PMDF V6.2 version V6.2-X27; linked 18:17:12, Mar 23 2004
SunOS hei 5.8 Generic_117350-49 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-280R Solaris

# pmdf msgstore
msgstore> modify username -password=123456
MODIFY command failed; unable to modify the user "username"; Internal
authentication error

The user "username" is a valid UNIX account.

Second problem, the http process always dumps core with:

getsockname(4, 0xFD8B8490, 0xFD8B848C, 1) = 0
getpid() = 8853 [2396]
Incurred fault #5, FLTACCESS %pc = 0x00017334
siginfo: SIGBUS BUS_ADRALN addr=0x00042AFA
Received signal #10, SIGBUS [default]
siginfo: SIGBUS BUS_ADRALN addr=0x00042AFA
*** process killed ***

everytime when a connection is made to the web interface.