My client is looking to add a full-time, senior Sytems Administrator
(SA) for their OpenVMS data center. The SA will also be responsible
for some Tru-64 systems (on Alpha platform). They have dedicated PC/
Windows administrators, however you can be expected to resolve any
cross-platform issues.

The site has an Alpha/VAX mixed-architecture cluster, a handful of
standalone Alphas, and some standalone MicroVAX systems. The SA must
be familiar with HSG80, HSJ50, and KZPAC storage controllers; Digital
TCP/IP, LAT, and AppleTalk networking; operating system and layered
product upgrades; system security; system performance tuning; and a
variety of other typical SA duties.

The facility is a major retailer located in central Nassau County
(Long Island).

Please use "Reply To Author" (or the equivalent on your news reader)
to privately send resumes or ask questions. Do not post replies to
this newsgroup. I will do my best to answer or forward comments to
the hiring manager.

Please: no recruiters. Direct candidates only. This is also a full-
time, on-site position so please do not respond if you are only
looking for consulting assignments.