Does anyone have a 4MB SIMM (FPM, parity I believe) suitable for a
DECServer 90TL (in the UK, preferably, although I guess anywhere is

I'd like to get rid of the annoying telnet 'echo echo' when running as
a telnet listener for my VAX/DEC gear connected via serial reverse
lookup. I've not found anywhere on the net that gives a fix for this
problem, so am assuming that it is down to a limitation of version 1
of the firmware. I need the extra memory to run the updated firmware
which handles telnet echo negotiation properly).

I am, of course, willing to pay for one. I've found a possible
candidate at 15 GBP, so anything below that (preferably free+postage!)
would be great.

I now have a near perfect setup at home (thanks to the DECServer and a
home-built remote mains switch for all my boxes) and this is the one
remaining thorn in the side (it is very off-putting seeing everything
twice when you are trying to do a BBAACCKKUPP DDKKAA110000::
MMUUAA660000: !!!!)

Thanks for the help, Mark.