During our conversion of PMDF from VMS to Solaris almost two years
ago, we learned that the
AFTER channel keyword, which we'd used to insure mail sent to certain
channels did not get
processed until after 1AM, wasn't implemented in Solaris.

The need to actually use that didn't exist at the time, as the survey
emails which we used it for
were not slated to be run for another 2 or 3 years (the survey sends
a single mail message to
3K+ users three times over the span of 6 weeks). We implement it by
creating a MAILSERV list
to send the message to, and the survey manager simply deletes
individuals who bounce as undeliverable
or send back a "don't spam me again!" message over the 2 weeks
between each mailing. The survey
recipients are a random extraction from the University's student,
graduate student and faculty email
lists, who have by fiat already agreed to participate by joining the
University community.

Well, now we're approaching the time when this mandated survey needs
to be sent again.

I've thought of creating a queue which doesn't run by default, and
then a cron job that runs the
queue out at the right time. Please, if anybody has any suggestions
on how to go about doing
this, feel free to pipe up.

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