JF Mezei wrote on 10/30/2007 03:51:05 PM:

> Hein RMS van den Heuvel wrote:
> > Something else must be going on. Maybe a visual effect with rub-outs?
> > Send that output to a file an try again?

> You are right. Because DECTERM still doesn't have the capabilities of a
> VT100 (display control characters), it wasn't obvious. But sending it to

> a file shows that while SEARCH converts funny characters to their
> printable name, it doesn't do that for CR, it actually spits it out raw,

> and that causes the cursor to return to column 1 and overwrite the

> LF and FF also appear to be emitted raw.

Did you use /FORMAT=DUMP?




Formats output in one of the following five ways:

DUMP Displays all control characters (including , ,
and ) and nonprintable characters as ANSI mnemonics.