The questions below was already asked on ITRC forum, but may be
someone who don't visit it will answer here.

According to external requirements we have to implement tape
encryption. I like the idea to put this task to HP 1840 LTO-4 drive to
offload our already overloaded CPUs. We are running v7.3-2 on ES40
which is not supported with 1840 drive but may work (scsi is scsi).
But what to do with encryption keys loading? AFAIK, it's not exist
even on 8.3. The idea is to buy FC-interfaced library (MSL2024) with
1840 drive, load keys there from Windows or Linux host with
LTO4-encryption aware software (say, HP Data Protector Express which
is included with any 1840 drive) and use plain BACKUP to feed the
drive and data on the tape should be encrypted (?). So the question are:

1. Did anybody try 1840 drive with 7.3-2 and which were results?

2. Is it possible to load encryption keys from one host and feed data
from the other host? I know that the keys are kept in drive until
power off or another keys loading, but will they applied to the data
if no specific commands will be issued (7.3-2 BACKUP)?

2.5 (non-VMS) Does Data Protector Express allow to load keys only,
without writing any real data? I can't realize this from the it's

3. Our FC infrastructure is 2Gb. MSL2024 library has 4Gb interface.
I afraid we'll be unable to feed this beast even with compression
disabled and it'll die very fast due to shoeshining.

Thank you.

Best regards,
valentin.likoum at ncc dot volga dot ru